Feed me

My eating habits were never that terrible. Sure I ate pub food occasionally or sausage rolls at kid’s parties. But in recent years I was never into really terrible food. However, life has changed and what eat is more than just about taste. It has to be good food – good heart food.

Well, this was my thinking from day one after my surgery until about 6 months post op. I’d lost quite a bit of weight – around 10kgs (22lbs), mostly through diet. I just refused to put anything in my mouth that I thought was “bad” for my heart. Like I say this lasted about 6 months, more recently my resolve has begun to dissolve! I’m looking for motivation (as if I need to look very far for that!!!) to keep on with the healthy eating.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Welcome to theheartcoach

Hi there. This is the first post for theheartcoach. This is an idea that has been bubbling away since my heart surgery nearly a year ago. I’ve finally decided to just start writing and see what happens! I hope you find some useful info here to help you on the road to recovery – or to just plain get your head around what has just happend to you and what it means from here on in.

I’m writing this based on my own experience with heart surgery and heart disease, which is quite recent. You can read more about about it here