This is just a short post to say I’ve found an excellent Pilates studio in Wellington – Body Magic Pilates. The Pilates method they teach is Stott Pilates.

I’ve been thinking about doing Pilates for some time, and thought it would be good to help strengthen my chest and regain some flexibility. I had a lot of cutting through the muscle in my chest as they used a couple of arteries from there for my bypass surgery. I had thought about the mechanical stress of having my chest opened up, but not the scarring from harvesting the arteries. So the Pilates is great on two fronts – 1. it focusses on the placement of my ribcage (which obviously got a bit out of whack – and 2. it focusses on stretching the scar tissue.

I’ve had a few sessions and I’m feeling great. I know there’s staying on top of my aerobic fitness and fat burning etc, but this is a great foundation. I’m having 1:1 sessions with Bruce at the moment and will probably keep that up for 6 weeks or so. The team and setup are really professional, and they know their stuff. I’m not sure what I’ll do after that. hopefully I’ll be able to maintain a regular Pilates routine.

This has been a great find as I haven’t found any one place that specialises or is experienced in working with people who have had open heart surgery. I know there are classes run by Massey University, but they are over the other side of town and are early in the morning, which makes it impossible for me to get to.

Anyway, I’m very happy to have found Body Magic Pilates!!!