Update from week two

The second week of intermittent fasting was mixed. Fasting days are easy because the the “rules” are black and white. I’ve worked out what I can have for breakfast and dinner to stay within the 600 cal limit and I’m really not tempted by anything else. Non-fasting days are a different story. I start off with the best intentions, but it all goes out the window if there are temptations at work – which is more often than not. For example – last fFriday there was a morning tea for someone that was leaving. Almost the entire morning tea was made up of sugary cakes, biscuits and slices. Once i started it was all over! I also find that I snack when i get home from work and again once I start there is no pause button!

So – lesson from week two – just don’t start eating anything that is going to blow my daily calorie intake.

I’m also having trouble resting the app. I had some data in there from trying it out a few months back and it just won’t reset. There has been some discussion on the Fast Beach forum, but no resolution as far as I can tell. This is al little annoying, but I’m tracking my food and exercise in myfitnesspal instead.

Fast Beach recently released a new exercise app. This has an interval timer and video demos of the exercises. This is great news because I’ve been having to switch between an interval timer app and the Fast Beach Diet app for my workouts. I’m going to start using this week and will let you know how it goes.

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